Planning for History, Geography, Art and DT is taught through our ‘Connected Curriculum’ where learning sequences are closely linked; frequently, these connected sequences are also picked up and reflected in the English units taught so that learning can be deepened. Other subjects: Computing, Physical Education, Music, Religious and World Views (RWV), Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) and Modern Foreign Languages (French) are taught discretely, although links are made to the Connected Curriculum when directly relevant.

The key drivers of this approach are that our curriculum: Aims high, ensures children are ready and able, encouraged to think critically and explore creativity as well as invest in themselves.  In order to secure a high quality curriculum we ensure specialist teachers are deployed alongside our teachers in MfL and PE to ensure access, depth and progression is secured in alignment with our curriculum statement. 

Subject Long Term Plans (LTPs)

The Subject Long Term Plans outline the content that is taught for each subject in our 3-11 curriculum. It includes an overview of what is taught in the Early Years and how this prepares children for Key Stage 1 and then Key Stage 2.

The LTPs have been carefully designed to ensure that children learn and retain the National Curriculum; therefore, it is planned in an systematic, meaningful and relevant manner, that reflects the needs and backgrounds of the school community.


English - speaking and listening progression

English - guided reading 

English - writing



Art and design

Computing and Online Safety

Design Technology (DT)



French: Modern Foreign Language (MfL)


Physical Education (PE)

Religion and World Views (RWV)

Personal, Social, Health Education (PSHE)

Subject rationales

Subject rationales outline how each area of the curriculum has been thoughtfully deigned to create a learning journey for each pupil over their seven years at Talbot. As such, rationales can be thought of as our intent for each subject.


English rationale - reading

English rationale - writing

Mathematics rationale

Science rationale

Art and design rationale

Computing and Online Safety rationale

Design Technology rationale 

Geography rationale

History rationale

French (Modern Foreign Languages) rationale

Music rationale

Physical Education rationale

Religion and World Views rationale

Personal, Social, Health Education rationale

Subject information

To learn more about school's approach to the teaching of core subjects follow the links below. Many of the pages also include useful advice about how you can support your children's learning at home.

Phonics and Reading




Connected Curriculum 

Computing and Online Safety


Other useful information

Marking and feedback policy

Teaching and learning approaches

These core strategies underpin the delivery of teaching and learning in every subject.

Growth Mindsets

Talk Matters


Vocabulary and Understanding