Curriculum Overview

Talbot’s mission statement outlines how we ensure that our curriculum is rich, relevant and secures deep learning.

In practical terms, our Curriculum is:

  1. Firmly based on the National Curriculum, however crucially adapted for our pupils, so that it is relevant to all.
  2. Planned vertically to ensure progression of knowledge, challenge and skills over time.
  3. Planned horizontally to ensure broad and balanced coverage each year for all subjects.
  4. Ensuring that teaching is based on high expectations and high standards.
  5. Using teaching tasks which primarily ensure that learning is retained. Over time, there will be a deep and secure body of knowledge learnt by all pupils.
  6. Effective in blending subjects into the Connected Curriculum, thereby making meaningful, deep links between subjects.
  7. Based on questions used to engage pupils in the Connected Curriculum. This helps them to shape future learning opportunities.
  8. Established in teaching strategies that are based on research evidence, which meet the context of our school. These include Growth Mindsets, Vocabulary and UnderstandingTalk Matters and Metacognition.
  9. Secure in its use of differentiation so all pupils can access learning and challenge. Inclusion will ensure that combined approaches support access to the curriculum.
  10. Ensuring all pupils are active learners, who engage well in lessons. They are provided with opportunities to explore, extend and be curious about the world they live in.
  11. Delivered at a pace that allows sufficient thinking time for learning to be consolidated. Thinking and thinking skills will be made visible.
  12. Based on purposeful, formative assessment which is used to support teaching and learning. Summative assessment is proportionate to its value and supports progress for all
  13. Reflective of the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural needs of our children and community, in addition to the golden thread of British Values, which runs through the curriculum.
  14. Effectively supporting children to develop physically and mentally healthy life-styles, so they will be equipped with the knowledge to keep themselves safe.
  15. Crucial to promoting wider opportunities and experiences, such as sport, music and the arts, to ensure we create well-rounded learners, whose potential is nurtured.
  16. Appreciative of the ongoing involvement of our parents and carers, recognising the contribution they make to the learning journey.
  17. Passionately promoting a love of reading and opportunities to solve problems in a wide range of contexts and subjects, as these are essential life skills.
  18. Designed so pupils can express themselves, and put their points of view across confidently; this includes being able to take a meaningful role in discussions and debates.
  19. Ensuring pupils leave Talbot with the primary learning and life skills needed for the next stage in their education.
  20. Ever reflective and evolved in response to the needs of our learners, so that it remains stimulating and enjoyable

As a school team, we find that our key visual (below) supports our commitment and delivery of our curriculum.  It is also essential when ensuring our children and parents and carers understand why we teach, what we teach, when.