Vision Statement

Talbot Primary is an inclusive, friendly community school, striving for excellence and enjoyment.  Children will leave our school as kind, confident and resilient citizens with a passion for learning

Through the pillars and tenets of 'Courage, Truth and Loyalty' we will aim to deliver our vision statement. 

This is expanded below in our mission statement. 

Mission Statement: 

Children, staff, governors and parents all ensure our school is a happy, friendly place to be where everyone is included. As a school we:

  • Deliver a curriculum that is rich, relevant, challenging and dynamic in its nature. It is responsive to the needs of our children and community, and integral to our culture of high expectations.  Our standards and expectations are high.
  • Ensure all our children receive exceptional teaching, leading to exceptional learning for all.
  • Consistently teach our children to develop and refine their skills as reflective, resilient learners who are well equipped to demonstrate key learning behaviours of: effort, courage, focus, independence, perseverance and resilience.
  • Provide a commitment to inclusion at every level, thereby guaranteeing that Talbot Primary is a safe, fun and friendly place to learn for all our children.
  • Ensure leaders at all levels are relentless in their focus on securing pastoral and academic excellence for each child. We nurture and harness pupil voice to consistently enhance the quality of education on offer at Talbot Primary thereby securing its relevance and impact.
  • Collaborate with parents to ensure that each child’s personalised learning journey is relevant to their starting point leading to long-term enhanced confidence and resilience.
  • Harness and celebrate the unique diversity of our school community so that it is recognised, nurtured and celebrated throughout school. The richness of culture and provision within school will ensure that children leave us as proud, well-grounded citizens of a modern society.
  • Ensure children will develop to be good listeners and confident talkers, thereby developing their capacity to learn both independently and as part of a team.