As we were previously recognised by Ofsted as being a ‘good’ school, Ofsted carried out a two day short inspection in January 2022. The purpose of the  inspection was to determine whether the school continues to provide a good standard of education and whether safeguarding is effective. There are 4 possible outcomes:

  • Outcome 1 – the school continues to be a good school.
  • Outcome 2 – the school remains good and there is sufficient evidence of improved performance to suggest that the school may be judged outstanding if it received a Section 5 two day inspection now.
  • Outcome 3 – the lead inspector is not satisfied that the school would receive at least its current grade if a section 5 inspection were carried out now.
  • Outcome 4 – the lead inspector has gathered evidence that suggests the school may be inadequate in one or more of the graded judgements under section 5 inspections.

The result of the January 2022 inspection was ‘Outcome 2’. This is the best possible outcome from a two-day Ofsted inspection and very hard to achieve.  In recent years the Ofsted framework has meant that the standards required to move from Good to Outstanding have increased, as a result only 2% of Good schools inspected in the last six months have received the judgement we received in January. It means that the the inspector saw enough to say that if this had been a full section 5 inspection the school would have been judged as Outstanding

This means that Ofsted will come back and carry out a full 2-day inspection, usually within one to two years.
‚ÄčThe full inspection report can be accessed below, and also viewed on the Ofsted website.