Our community


Essential in our vision for our school is the commitment to ensuring we a community school.  We are respectful of the significance our school has in the local community and as a 'community school', which draws its children from the community, we intend to ensure that the tenet of 'Loyalty' from 'Courage, Truth and Loyalty' is met through our daily teaching and learning, equality commitment and engagement with our community.  

From the diversity and richness of our community we draw our strength and identity as a school.  This school community is made up amongst others:

  • The community of Roundhay
  • Strong local Children's Centre links (based in Roundhay, Moortown and Alwoodley) linking essential services for children 0-5 with school
  • Links with local charities that make a difference for Talbot families, i.e. St. Gemma's Hospice and PAFRAS (Positive Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers)
  • An established tradition of visiting local places of worship as part of our Religious and World Views programme, namely St Andrews Church in Roundhay, the Beth Hamidrash Hagadol Synagogue, the Shree Hindu Temple in Kirkstall, the Sikh Temple in Chapeltown and the Grand Mosque in Leeds
  • Our own Nursery that draws in families from across Roundhay and Moortown, ensuring children's first experiences of a school environment are safe, secure and enjoyable

Our choir also not only performs annually at local residential homes, but also, under the guidance of Mrs Liddington, organises an annual summer tea party in their honour.  

Please see the Year Group pages, and the Sustainable Travel Plan page for additional local initiatives we engage with.  

Supporting each other 

The Council have provided an updated ‘Family Food leaflet’ which provides information on where to access food and how to apply for Free School Meals.  Click here to find out more.  They have also signposted additional services that may be of use to families below: