Teacher Training

Our school is a member of Red Kite Alliance 

Red Kite Alliance is a partnership of secondary, special and primary schools, collaborating to help each other improve the outcomes for young people. Members have a shared moral purpose to work together to improve the learning and achievement of all the young people in our schools. We firmly believe that we are ‘stronger together’ and the partnership between staff in membership schools enables all partners to benefit by both contributing to and receiving expertise and support from each other. 

This school-led approach brings benefits to all the schools involved and helps our school continue to develop and innovate. Our students benefit from the Alliance’s work as it impacts directly on the quality of teaching they receive. Red Kite Alliance is run by schools for schools to help ensure all our young people have the opportunity to achieve their potential. 

Read more about the work of our Alliance here: www.redkitealliance.co.uk  

In addition to our Red Kite Alliance membership, we also work with Red Kite Teaching Teacher Training and Red Kite Teaching School Hub. 

Red Kite Teacher Training 

Red Kite Teacher Training offers school-based routes into teaching through a large partnership of Primary, Secondary and Special Schools based in and around North and West Yorkshire. Initial Teacher Training programmes are tailored to individual needs and aspirations in partnership with the University of Leeds. With a proven track record of supporting and bringing talented teachers into the profession, experienced practitioners deliver outstanding training in schools within the partnership. In addition to the School Centred Initial Teacher (SCITT), there is an Assessment Only route for professionals already employed in a school. 

We are proud to host trainee teachers in our school bringing fresh ideas and research-led ideas to our classrooms. Mentoring and training facilitation opportunities provide professional growth opportunities for our staff. www.redkiteteachertraining.co.uk  


Red Kite Teaching School Hub 

Red Kite Teaching School Hub is one of 87 centres of excellence for teacher training and development serving a network of schools across North Yorkshire and its partnership schools in West Yorkshire. The teaching school hub programme is part of a comprehensive strategy dedicated to supporting teachers throughout their careers with the goal of improving education across the region. It forms part of the implementation of a national recruitment and retention strategy to raise teacher quality and effectiveness.  

Our newly qualified teachers follow the Early Career Framework with Red Kite Teaching School Hub. The two year programme provides support and development to provide newly qualified teachers with the best start to their careers. 

Our teachers and leaders have access to a suite of National Professional Qualifications, providing nationally recognised qualification steeped in rigorous educational research. 

We value the professional development opportunities for our staff to facilitate and support the delivery of Red Kite Teaching School Hub provision. 

Read more about the work of Red Kite Teaching School Hub here: www.redkitetsh.co.uk