Access and deeper learning

Our curriculum design ensures that children with varying academic and cultural starting points are able to thrive as a result of our consistent, high quality and engaging curriculum.  There is a clear focus on key ‘drivers’ and tools which enable access and acceleration for all.  Our commitment to meta-cognition, language, listening, vocabulary and growth mindsets ensures starting points are understood quickly and gaps closed in vocabulary and understanding as a result of our approach which actively teaches children the skills they need as learners to access the curriculum.  Children are challenged well, understand and aspire to do more; better. 


Planning for the majority of subjects, except RE and Science, is based on our ‘Connected Curriculum’ where a topic/big question approach is employed. The key drivers of this approach are that our curriculum: Aims high, ensures children are ready and able, encouraged to think critically and explore creativity as well as invest in themselves.  In order to secure a high quality curriculum we ensure specialist teachers are deployed alongside our teachers in MfL and PE to ensure access, depth and progression is secured in alignment with our curriculum statement.  

Implicit within all our approaches to the curriculum, teaching and learning are Talbot bespoke tools of Growth Mindsets, Talk Matters, Meta-cognition and securing access and understanding of vocabulary.  These essentials are explained in greater detail by clicking on the aspect below.


Growth Mindsets

Talk Matters


Vocabulary and understanding