Year 3

The Year 3 teachers for 2023-24 are Miss Katie Marsden and Miss Kay Ward/Miss Hannah Christy who job share. Miss Ward teachers 3CW on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, while Miss Christy teaches 3CW on Thursday and Friday. Please speak directly to a member of the teaching team if you have any queries or concerns. 

Year 3 is also supported by Mrs Sandra Mirembe, Mrs Marta Powlak and Mrs Yvonne Williams.

The LKS2 Phase Leader is Mr Thomas Youdan; he will try to help you, if the class teacher is unable to do so. His direct e-mail address is If you have any further suggestions on how we can develop communication, please let us know.

Curriculum information:

Find out what's happening - whole school key dates 2023-24

Learn more about life in Year 3 - Year 3 Spring newsletter

Learn more about what is being taught - Year 3 Long Term Plan  


Links to our learning:

Please take the time to have a look at some of the exciting things that Year 3 children have been getting up to this year.


Pneumatic Toys – a mechanisms strand of Design Technology

Herd Farm trip – Outdoor Adventurous Activity in PE

Physical Education – developing character in OAA

Animals, including humans - bones in the human body

Deepening knowledge of prehistoric peoples – a Connected Curriculum day

International Day of Languages – celebrating the diversity in school

A Growth Mindset Approach - how to get unstuck

An inspirational visit from the world's tallest basketball player

New opportunities - moving to the KS2 playground


DB Primary:

On DB Primary, the children can also upload/download their learning, find a range of online activities to support key skills, and access Remote Home Learning. Click here.