Deepening knowledge of prehistoric peoples – a Connected Curriculum day

In November, Year 3 had their Prehistoric Day, where they took a trip back in time to the stone and bronze ages.

The children began the day by naming their ‘tribes’. They had to consider how prehistoric people communicated, and then the teachers took a ‘stone age photo’ where the children demonstrated their best Neanderthal poses!

Following this, Year 3 became archaeologists and examining artefacts from the stone age. Once they found the artefacts, they enjoyed sketching them and discussing what they thought they were made from, what they could have been used for and what it might indicate about how people lived in these times.

Later, the children created a living timeline; they travelled from the Palaeolithic to the Neolithic period, role-playing where people lived, the tools that they used and how they societies might have worked.

Lastly, the classes learnt about the Bell Beaker people from the bronze age period. They examined images of their Bell Beaker pottery, an then the children created their own.