Connected Curriculum


The Connected Curriculum combines a number of different subjects in order to answer leading, big questions about a specific topic. Often the teaching is driven by history, geography or science, which allows the children to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding in these areas. Alongside this main subject driver, the children learn to present, evaluate, research and develop their learning alongside other relevant subjects including art, DT and computing. We believe that this approach results in varied and engaging lessons, which stimulate the children, teachers, and our whole school community. Moreover, learning skills within a context makes the learning more relevant and more memorable.

Connected Curriculum Showcases

In order to share what pupils have learnt about in the Connected Curriculum, each year group provides a number of showcase events for parents and carers throughout the year. We encourage all parents and carers to join us for these interesting and often exciting occasions.


Learning Logs

Learning Logs are one of the ways we ask pupils to extend their learning at home (from Year 2 upwards). Children are asked to complete a number of tasks, from a menu, over a half term or term, that are linked to their Connected Curriculum topics. This system provides the children with an element of choice, in how they wish to deepen or broaden their learning.