Marking and feedback systems

Marking and feedback summary for parents/carers:

Our marking and feedback policy is fundamentally linked to our vision as a school and our commitment to ensuring that all children are equipped with the right type of learning behaviours, i.e.  effort, focus, independence, perseverance and resilience.  These behaviours ensure that learning is secured and extended in equal measure.


The marking and feedback policy aims to:

  • Celebrate success i.e. praising effort and progress in learning
  • Identify room for growth and development, i.e. what is the next step to securing, embedding and extending learning?
  • Address misconceptions or gaps in learning, i.e. how can the children learn from their mistakes?

Ultimately, the policy seeks to empower our children on their learning journey and inform our view of children’s progress.


We hope the attached feedback brief supports your understanding as to how we monitor the day to day progress of the children.  We also hope that you take advantage of both the opportunity to look at your child’s books at the parent/carer consultations or attend specific parent/carer events held throughout the year so you can see the children’s books in more depth.  Our children are also great advocates in explaining the policy, and, crucially how this supports their learning journey.

Mrs Gill

Please click here for our marking and feedback guidance