At school, we have developed a system for writing called the Talbot Writing Process. Topics from the National Curriculum are taught in two or three week blocks using a developmental process. This approach is in-line with recommendations from The Educational Endowment Fund, a government sponsored charity whose remit is to review educational research.

Useful Links:

Writing long term plan

The writing long term plan ensures vertical progression over time at Talbot Primary School. The genres are deliberately repeated, are linked to guided reading texts and often to the connected curriculum. This approach helps build meaningful connections in learning and supports retention.


Talbot Writing Process

Discover the teaching pedagogy that underpins writing at Talbot.


National standards in writing

These documents explain the standards required at the end 

End of KS1 standards (Year 2), p6-p7

End of KS2 standards (Year 6), p4-p5


Handwriting and handwriting pens

Become familiar with how handwriting is taught at Talbot.


Support with Spelling

School's approach to spelling, and ways to support your child at home with their weekly practice or using online tools.


End of Year Expectations

For information regarding end of year age-expectations, including writing,


Support for tricky terminology

"The School Run" website can help parents and pupils with the trickier elements of English; terminology is explained with clear examples. 


Free online revision tool for SPAG

Revise any spelling, punctuation and grammar skill from the National Curriculum on IXL. Pupils can do 10 questions per day, for free.