Support with Spelling


At Talbot Primary school, we teach synthetic phonics in EYRS and KS1. From January of Year 1 onwards, pupils are given weekly spelling lists to revise at home; it will be based on the phonics phase they are working on and will also contain some "tricky words".

As the children reach KS2, they will be given weekly spelling lists to learn at home. Research shows that to learn, retain and be able to use new spellings in one's own writing, one should be exposed to a new spelling at least 9x. We revise spellings every day at Talbot, so the children should practise a further 4x at home. This does not need to be for a long period of time, as retention is more closely linked to the frequency of revising spellings, rather than the duration one learns them for. 

Specific Spelling Strategies for revising spellings

There are three categories of spelling error: Phonological, Orthographical and Morphological. Different approaches to learning spellings are proven to be more effective for different types of error. Please download our suggested strategies to help your children at home.


Additional support for spelling

School has a subscription for an online, spelling programme called IDL Accounts can be created for individual pupils, who find spelling particularly challenging. It is suggested that pupils do 20 minutes per day at home. Please speak to your child's teacher if you think this would be helpful.