Pupil Voice

Below are a variety of quotes from a pupil voice survey conducted in November 2019. It provides a snapshot of how positively PE, playtime opportunities, sport clubs and sport competitions are viewed by our pupils.


“I have enjoyed being a Sports Ambassador because it has been good to spend time with the younger children. It has just been fun!” – Isabelle, Year 6, Sports Ambassador

“We get to help other children. We can see what they like and it helps us to be more responsible and improve.” – Jackson, Year 6, Sports Ambassador

“I like clubs because they are fun and I get to do my favourite sports. I didn’t know some of the sports then when I tried them I found them fun and wanted to do them more.” – Mikaeel, Year 4

“I want to be fit and active and I really like sport so I have enjoyed coming to this school because there are lots of clubs like zumba and sports ambassadors.” – Shehad, Year 3

“Joining the clubs in school means that you get to go to different competitions such as hockey and tag rugby. My favourite one was the Roundhay football tournament because we competed against other schools.” – Iestyn, Year 5

“PE is fun because you get to try different sports and some were better than I thought they were going to be!” – Joe, Year 6

“The cross country competition was great because it was opportunity to show your talent and how well you can do. I really love sport.” – Raf, Year 4

“I love games with the Sports Ambassadors because you get to exercise and have fun.” – Alice, Year 1

“The beanbag game is my favourite with the Sports Ambassadors because it helped me get better at throwing for other games like basketball.” – Chloe, Year 2