PE and Sport Premium


The vision for PE at Talbot Primary School is to inspire, challenge and develop physical skills in our pupils, such as balance, co-ordination, strength and stamina. We want our children to understand how to lead a healthy lifestyle and appreciate the importance of physical activity. Additionally, we aim to inspire children to participate in sport (including competitive sport) inside and out of school. This approach develops the positive attributes of teamwork and sportsmanship.

We provide opportunities, throughout the school year, for children to:

  • have fun and know how to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • be active during play times and lunchtimes by providing high quality equipment and clubs.
  • try out many different sports, including through partnerships with outside agencies.
  • engage in at least one sports competition throughout the year.
  • lead activities and games through our Sports Ambassadors programme.

Sport Premium

As part of the Olympic Legacy, the government  has been providing schools with additional funding to promote sport and exercise in schools. All projects must have a direct benefit for our current pupils and a sustainable element to benefit pupils in the future. Click here to see how we are investing our Sport Premium grant this year and what we have done with it in the past.


Pupil Voice

School regularly seeks feedback from the pupils at themselves, to determine what is working well in and what can be improved in PE. This allows us to continually evolve our provision.


Talbot's annual Health, Sport and Well-being Fair

Every May, Talbot Primary School holds a Health, Sport and Well-being Fair to promote the various aspects of a healthy lifestyle. The pictures opposite are from last year's event, and give you a flavour of what this community event celebrates. 


Other events:

Sugar-free assemblies to promote healthier diets (Feb 2020)