Clubs at Talbot

We have made arrangements 32 clubs during and after school and, no doubt, the list will be longer by the end of the year. Even better, the over-whelming majority of them are free. Have a look at the links below and see what your child might like to take part in.




After School Clubs

For children to attend after school clubs, we need a signed reply slip; this is essential so everyone knows who is going home at the normal time and who is staying for longer.


Lunchtime Clubs

However, if your child is attending one of our lunchtime clubs, places will be organised internally and no paperwork is required. The teachers will approach the relevant children directly. This system vastly reduces the level of administration needed, allowing us to offer more choices.



When we know how popular a club is, we select the children “out of a hat”. This is an improvement several of you asked for in the past, as some people felt disadvantaged by a first come/first served system. If a club is heavily over-subscribed, anyone who does not get a place will automatically be placed on a waiting list. When the next group start you will automatically be contacted to see if you still want the place.


Paid Clubs

Arrangements with paid clubs are between individual parents and carers and the companies providing the service. Any enquiries should be raised with them in the first instance.  


Music Lessons

School offers a wide range of instrumental lessons, run by peripatetic music teachers. These are all charged for; please speak to a member of the office team for further details. These typically have a waiting list but if you are interested, you should put your child’s name down as soon as possible. As places become available, they are filled from the waiting list.