Sustainable Travel Plan


Talbot Primary School is committed to promoting sustainable travel; therefore, we encourage pupils, parents and staff to travel to school by foot, scooter, bike or bus. This approach has many benefits: reduced congestion, making the roads around school safer, the health benefits of regular exercise and reduced pollution. Where car journeys are necessary, we encourage people to consider park and stride journeys or car shares.

Travel preferences are tracked to measure changes over a five year period. The information evaluated annually by Mode Shifts; they are a monitoring, validating and accreditation team, who support numerous local authorities. In July 2017, Talbot Primary School was awarded the Mode Shifts: Bronze Award for the work school has undertaken. In July 2018, Talbot Primary School  was awarded the Mode Shifts: Silver Award. 

School Travel Plan 2018-9

If you would like to be involved in this work, or have any ideas or expertise to share, please contact Jude Rivers (Deputy Headteacher) who is leading these initiatives.

Sustainable Travel Initiatives

Talbot undertakes a range of activities to educate the pupils about sustainable travel and promote this lifestyle. In the past 24 months, initiatives have included:

  • an audit of the roads around school
  • improved signage on the school site
  • designing 20 mph signs for the local area
  • investing in new cycle and scooter storage
  • assemblies on road safety and parking
  • bespoke workshops on road safety for year groups with trained road safety staff
  • a visit from the Green Cross Code team in EYRS
  • Year 1 cycle training (Balancability)
  • Year 2 and Year 3 scooter training (on the playground)
  • Year 4 scooter training (on the pavements)
  • Year 6 cycle training (Bikeability Level 1 - Level 3)
  • pedestrian training 
  • assemblies from our PCSOs on "be bright be seen"
  • distributing reflectors and glow sticks
  • participating in "Scoot the route week"
  • participating in the "Big Pedal"