Outdoor play – wider using the wider environment as a classroom

At Talbot, the Nursery children are lucky to have a bright, open outdoor space, that includes a variety of different surface textures and experiences. The school’s outdoor provision features a small woodland area, hard surfaces for riding bikes and scooters and enclosed cosy spaces for reading (and keeping dry in the rain).

The Nursery children enjoy going outside in all weather, and the Autumn term often treated us to a whole range of conditions. Getting out in the rain and cold also allows the children to make decisions about how to dress appropriately for whatever the great British weather throws at them. At Talbot, the teaching tea believe the best way to experience the changing seasons is to get outside and explore, and that’s exactly what was done during the term.

As well as the nursery outdoor space, the children also utilise the whole school playground and surroundings, as they explore them for signs of the changing seasons in the world around them.