New lunchtime routines, eating in the KS1 dinner hall

The Reception children are getting on well with their lunches, in the KS1 dinner hall.

The children choose their lunch as they come into school. They talk to their parents before they start school, then in class, they look at the food pictures on the menu and put their names on the right colour.

Later, the children receive a sticker to match the meal option they chose and then they collect a tray, knife, fork and spoon and the kitchen staff help them choose from a selection of vegetables and pudding. The Reception children are practising using an adult sized knife and fork for their main course and a spoon for pudding. They have a drink of water too, before going outside to play with their friends. Lunchtime is a valuable opportunity for social interaction and independence. In addition, we are learning to use cutlery independently and safely.

Some children opt to bring a packed lunch from home. In the morning, they choose the lunchbox option with their name card; at lunchtime they can still sit with their friends. Packed lunch children are encouraged to open their own food containers and packets, but adults are always around to help out if needed.

Lunches are part of the ‘Healthy School’ award, and there are always salad and vegetable items the children can pick, as well as fruit and low sugar puddings. Vegetarian and Halal options are available daily.

As a child has already said, “These school dinners are delicious!”