Establishing good habits early on – developing a love reading

There is a wonderful, cosy book area in Reception, but the children love to read lots of books, in lots of places, in lots of ways, with lots of different people.

In Reception, there are phonics reading groups, where a new book is shared over the week. The classes learn new words, practise their fluency, discuss the pictures and the talk about the story or facts. Then they get to take this story home and read it with their families.

The children often vote for a book to read at story time, and they love to explain why we chose a particular book. After the votes are compared, the classes can enjoy listening to the one picked by themselves or their friends. On other occasions, teachers will share a traditional tale and the children will learn new vocabulary from it, practise listening carefully to it and discuss what happened with a partner.

Reception children have also been visited by their parents and carers for a Relax and Read sessions. They brought books from home or chose their favourites from the book baskets. Then, they found a cosy spot to listen to and chat about the book, often with a friend.

Lastly, Reception loved having their Year 6 buddies come and read to them in the classroom. The older children brought some of their favourite stories from when they were little and read them to Reception in small groups or pairs. Some of the children were able to share their books with friends or siblings, which was extra special.