Graffiti art demonstration

Graffiti Art demonstration

In Summer 2023, Phil Tang, from Hello Hip-Hop, did a live graffiti demonstration to the children at Talbot Primary School. This is one of the four elements of the Hip-Hop culture and lifestyle he follows.

Phil explained the process in some detail: from coming up with initial ideas for a graffiti-style school banner, developing several of these as sketches, to refining his preferred one into a final design. This was all done at home over a period of time.

Phil hung black polythene between two trees to form his large, temporary canvass. Then he used his spray paints to mark-up, outline, block-fill, highlight and add finishing touches to his banner. The slide show opposite shows many of the stages. All the time, Phil explained how he was working so the children had a deeper understanding of the techniques he used. Phil was also careful to point out the differences between graffiti art and tagging, which is a form of vandalism that makes areas look less pleasant to live in.

The children loved the final design and it added a vibrant back-drop to the Sport, Health and Well-being Fair 2023.