Understanding the Climate Crisis and how to reduce impact

Understanding the Climate Crisis and how to reduce impact

To start off a new and exciting school year, a special learning log was sent home from Year 2 upwards, to help the children start to think about the climate crisis facing our planet.

This followed assemblies by Miss Sayers and Mr Rivers to introduce this extremely complex topic. The children were taught about the fact that human activity is accelerating climate change, some of the weather effects it is having on Earth and some of the ways people can reduce their impact on climate change.

Many children took an enquiry-based approach to their learning logs. They delved into the wonders of our planet and the different environments and animals in contains, and they thought about how important it was to protect these things.

Many of the learning logs brought in showed a mature understanding of this complex topic, and provided a number of things we can do as individuals, to play a small part in combatting the climate crisis. Sharing the learning logs in class, helped everyone be more aware and more able to make a difference in their own lives.

The School Council are now eager to continue this work further, and have made it their special mission to further encourage environmentally sustainable habits with practical advice. Each half term, they will focus on one of the following:

  • Using the car less
  • Using and wasting less energy
  • Recycling waste
  • Looking after, reusing and handing on things to extend their life
  • Buying sustainable products
  • Buying local and seasonable food to reduce food miles

This year, Mr Rivers, Mr Middleton and Miss Morris will be building more explicit environmental links into the science curriculum and geography curriculum, to deepen the children’s understanding further.