School Council update - school climate survey

Continuing their Eco-friendly school push, the School Council sent a questionnaire to each class from Year 2 to Year 6 to gain a better understanding of how the pupils view different environmental problems, and how they think school works to help solve these problems.

The questionnaire targeted themes such as travelling to school and saving energy, with a final set of questions about prioritising environmental targets and suggestions from each class.

The questionnaire showed that the most common way for children to travel to school is was by walking. This was a huge positive, that School Council could see, with 46% of children walking most days. Unfortunately, the second most common method of travel to school was by car, with 40% of students travelling this way. While the School Council know that this is unavoidable for some people, they look forward to working with Miss Ward in May, to promote more environmentally friendly methods of transport where families can do this.

The final report also showed that 100% of the classes, that took part in the questionnaire, had all of the lights in their classroom on, at the time of answering. This shocked the School Council, considering that 91% of these classes felt like they didn’t actually need all of their lights on. Wasting electricity is an area that School Council will work on over autumn 2, their termly target is around saving energy wherever possible.

Overall, the audit was successful, as it helped the School Council get a much clearer understanding of several habits across school. The School Council look forward to helping ensure that Talbot develops further so that it becomes an (environmentally friendly) well-oiled machine.