Harvest Donations – caring for others in our community

Harvest is a time, when school comes together, to show gratitude for the food we have and reflect on the needs of others. At Talbot, the Harvest assembly is used as an opportunity to support the community through donating food items to a local charity, PAFRAS (Positive Action For Refugees and Asylum Seekers).

As always, a substantial amount of tinned and dry food was donated by the school community. Karen Pearse, the director of PAFRAS, came to the Harvest assembly to receive the collection .She talked to the children about how their donations to PAFRAS would support refugees and asylum seekers across Leeds, and she thanked the children for their continuing support and generosity.  This helped the children understand the impact these acts of kindness can make to others.

“As well as offering advice and support, we distribute around 80 food parcels each week. Our food parcels are made up from donations from local people and groups and from school collections like yours. We couldn't provide our vital services without the support of our fabulous donors and supporters - we are incredibly grateful to you for your support,” Karen Pearse, Director of PAFRAS.

By Mrs Rehman