The Climate Emergency – empowering the next generation

The Climate Emergency is arguably the largest challenge that will ever face the children at Talbot Primary School, so school makes a concerted effort to ensure the children understand the science behind this issue and what measures might improve our planet’s chances.

In one Climate Emergency assembly this year, supported by the School Council, the children learnt that every single piece of plastic – every toothbrush, every carrier bag, every disposable water bottle, every chip fork, etc - ever made still exists in our environment today, as it takes 100’s of years to break down. This has resulted in micro-plastics being discovered in every corner of the planet that has been investigated and in the food chain. Therefore, the children agreed it would be sensible to reduce the unnecessary use of plastic wherever practical to do so (especially single-use plastic).

One of our Year 6 pupils, Eliza, was inspired to understand more about what the government has done and will do to make a difference to reduce plastic usage. Eliza took it upon herself to write to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and she got a personalised reply from his Correspondent Officer. In the two-page letter (below), the official explained some of the initiatives that the government has undertaken to reduce plastic use.

The children are taught that national action is vital to save the planet. They understand that their own individual choices are important and support positive outcomes; however, more significant change will only flow from the decisions by made by governments and international businesses, due the enormous impact they have.

Eliza was able to share her letter with her class, but also wanted to put it on the website, to draw attention to this important issue.