Sharing our learning: Locating Volcanoes Curriculum Showcase

For the first Curriculum Showcase of the school year, parents and carers were invited into school to take part in an afternoon of locating volcanoes around the world. Curriculum Showcases are an ideal opportunity for parents and carers to come into school to see what their children have been doing and for the children to share their knowledge and understanding of the curriculum.

Alongside parents and carers, the children researched famous volcanic eruptions using Google Earth on I-pads and atlases. The children noted down the country, continent, last eruption date and any other interesting facts about each volcano. This included details such as the different types of volcano, some of the damage caused and anything else that took their interest and they wanted to feedback later.  Using this knowledge, the children were then able to plot the location of each volcano on a globe and marked this on a map of the World. An area where there are large numbers of volcanoes was identified around the Pacific Ocean which the children correctly named as the ‘Ring of Fire’. By spotting trends in the locations of volcanoes, the children will then make links with the location of tectonic plates in their following lessons.