Physical Education – specialist cricket coaching

In PE, the Year 4 children enjoyed a half term of cricket coaching from an external coach called Tom. 

Tom was in school to promote cricket specifically, and to try to help children develop their throwing, catching, striking and fielding skills generally.

Each week, the children focused on a different aspect of cricket, starting with throwing catching, and moving on to bowling and batting.  As the children’s skills developed, they were then able to apply them to games with small teams, so everyone was highly involved. It was impressive to see how quickly the children developed as cricketers. 

During the cricket sessions, Tom and the teachers also worked hard to instil the key characteristics of courage, perseverance, communication and collaboration; these are key attributes to being a good individual player in team games.

Finally, Tom was joined by another coach to encourage the children to sign up with local cricket clubs and many were keen to do so; therefore, it is hoped that this opportunity might encourage a number of children to explore cricket further.