Democracy in action - school councillor elections

At the beginning of the new school year, one of the most important jobs is to elect the new school councillors. 

The job of a school councillor is a varied one and includes listening to their classmates, sharing the class’ ideas at school council meetings, debating proposals with the other school council representatives during these meetings and making sure that the children are well represented in school. 

This year, the school council will also have a particular focus on the environment. This will include developing the school environment and thinking about how to protect the wider, world environment to help tackle climate change. It is also hoped the children will take the messages they learn at school home and help drive further changes with their families.

Year 4 were taught about the importance of voting and that this is done privately by ballot, so one’s choices remain confidential. This reflects the process they will follow as adults, when electing local councillors and MPs and is therefore a helpful introduction to the democratic process.