Year 2 School Councillor elections and learning to vote

At the beginning of the new school year, Year 2 took part in a very important and responsible job, when they elected two school council representatives from each class.

The school council election process taught the children about the Fundamental British Value of Democracy and that they have a voice in some of the decisions that are made in school.

Children were given the opportunity to put themselves forward to be a school councillor. Those children prepared and gave a speech about why they would make a good school councillor, and they described skills they would use within the role. The rest of the class demonstrated their active listening skills, taking on board the ideas being shared.

Later, each class held a ballot, and the children voted for one boy and one girl to represent them for the year. The votes were close and, when the new school councillors were announced, everyone demonstrated pride in the success of their peers, celebrating their election to the school council.

Being a part of the school council is a very important role, which includes listening to classmates and representing their views during school council meetings. This year, there will be a specific focus on the environment and thinking about how everyone can improve things in school and at home.