Writing to inform - all about fire engines

In Year 2, students embarked on an exciting learning adventure, diving into the world of non-chronological reports, with a focus on fire engines.

Firstly, pupils looked at the common features of a non-chronological reports, such as headings, paragraphs and questions that draw in the reader. Children also analysed and labelled a range of non-chronological texts with the aim of strengthening their knowledge of what a good one looks like.

Once the layout of a non-chronological report was studied, it was time for the children to gather knowledge and research on fire engines. They collected information on fire engines, from a variety of sources, in order to plan the writing for their own non-chronological reports. The pupils were fascinated by the range of equipment within a modern-day fire engine.

The children innovated their own headings to describe the role of fire engines and their importance within the modern world. Each child then wrote a paragraph of interesting facts all about fire engines. Did you know some fire engines even have boats to help with water rescues?