A nativity play - celebrating Christmas through performance

In Year 2, children should be confident to speak in front of an audience and be able to do so audibly; they are also encouraged to sing, dance and perform.

In the Autumn term, Year 2 learnt a range of songs from the play “Hey Ewe”, based on a sheep who thought they had nothing to give the baby Jesus when he was born, until he finally realised that he could give him his soft, warm fleece.

The children used actions to help them remember the lyrics of the songs and they proved to be extremely enthusiastic performers. Importantly, they all found the confidence to speak and sing in the large hall, in front of a huge audience, loudly enough so that everyone could hear them. This was done without the aid of a microphone too.

On the last day of term, the whole school went to St Andrew’s church and Year 2 performed their favourite songs again, and one pupil even sang a solo in front of the whole school and scores of parent/carer helpers. The staff were so proud of everyone and it was a lovely way to get ready for the Christmas holidays.