Science: humans, including animals – learning about the senses

In the spring term, Year 1 were asked to investigated their various senses, in a scientific manner. To do this, they first had to learn what their five senses are, and which body parts are used for each process. As they frequently do, the children learnt a song to help them remember them.

Year 1 also thought about how their senses are important in helping to keep them safe. Here are some of the ideas they came up with:

“We need our sense of sight to see where we are going.” Poppy, 1JG

“We need our sense of hearing to hear strangers’ footsteps at night.” Juniper, 1JG

“We need our sense of taste to check foods that have gone bad.” Theo, 1CC

 “We need our sense of touch to check if something is too hot.” Musbah, 1CC


Both classes then used their senses to take part in a series of investigations, which required them to make first-hand observations.

  1. They used their eyes and sense of sight to see which object was spiky.
  2. They used their ears and sense of hearing to identify a squeaky sound.
  3. They used their tongues and sense of taste to find out which popcorn was salty.
  4. They used their noses and sense of smell to find the mint.
  5. They used their skin and sense of touch to feel which material felt soft and furry.

The children in year 1 proved that they had some good investigation skills, which will help them be successful scientists now and in the future. They will continue to develop these further throughout their time at Talbot, including when they learn even more about animals, including humans.