Practical mathematics – experiencing measuring

In Maths, Year 1 started their topic on measuring by comparing heights and lengths, using the key vocabulary of longer, shorter and taller. Then they used non-standard measuring units (like paper clips, cubes, their feet, stones and shoes) to measure a range of objects in our classroom.

Once the children were confident at using non-standard units to measure objects, they looked at a ruler and used it to measure objects in cm. The children had to learn to position the end of the objects on 0cm and to use the correct side of the ruler to measure correctly in cm’s.

After measuring height and length, the children looked at weight. They enjoyed using a balance scale to compare the weight of objects, focusing on the vocabulary of heavier and lighter.

The topic concluded by looking at capacity and volume. In our outdoor area, the children used a cup to measure how many capfuls of water were needed to fill a range of containers. This took a lot of accuracy.