Poetry in English – rhymes about spring

In the spring term, Year One became poets, writing springtime poetry with rhymes.

First, the children learned what makes words rhyme, and they read poems a range of spring poems and spotted the rhyming words.  Next, Year 1 collected key words linked with Spring and made a word bank of them and a word bank of rhyming words. Then the classes looked at how they might use rhyming words to create couplets, which they could include in their own springtime poems.

Everyone had fun exploring rhyming words and creating some rather silly verses. Finally, the children redrafted their final poems in their neatest handwriting, before performing them to the class. This was an important speaking and listening opportunity, as some children had rarely performed before.

Every subsequent year, whilst they are at Talbot Primary School, the children will continue to encounter different styles of poetry in their English lessons. This means, that by the time they move on to high school, they will have a more rounded knowledge of this important genre.