Physical Education - cricket coaching session

Year 1 had a visit from a special guest, Mr Garman, who came to teach them skills, that will support them to play cricket.

First, the children warmed up. They played a game of ‘craters and volcanoes’ where dozens of cones were spread out on the floor; the cones that were upside down were craters and the ones the right way up were volcanoes. The children were placed in two teams, and then they had to race around the hall trying to flip as many of the other team’s cones as possible.

Once their bodies were all warmed up, Mr Garman told them how to play cricket and taught them some initial bowling skills. The children learnt how to stand in the ‘star’ position to throw the ball overarm, then they practiced throwing the ball to hit the wicket.

Both classes enjoyed practising their new ball skills, and many children were enthusiastic to play cricket again in the future. Cricket is a core sport at Talbot, which builds on the bat and ball units and throwing and catching units taught in Key Stage 1. The children will be taught cricket every year in Key Stage 2, and it is hoped that a number of them will take up the sport outside of school too.