Maths - learning to subitising to 10

In the first week in Year 1, the children took part in some taster maths lessons, to help them settle into the new year and to refresh their knowledge after the long summer break.

Year 1 used songs to help count to 10, and they played number hunts, to help them recognise all the numbers to 10. The children learnt rhymes like, “make a ball and then a line, I am number 9,” to help us remember the correct formation for our numbers.

Year 1 used a number of concrete resources like, Numicon and counting animals, to help them physically count the numbers to ten. Once they were familiar with these and ready to test their learning further, they played a matching game. The children matched numbers to 10, which were presented through a wide range of representations. These games and activities helped settle the classes and made the learning of maths practical and enjoyable.