Learning to persevere, a Growth Mindset Characteristic

At Talbot, our vision is to provide an inclusive, friendly community school which strives for excellence and enjoyment. We want the children to leave school as kind, confident and resilient citizens with a passion for learning. One way to achieve this vision is by using learning heroes to represent the key qualities of a successful learner: effort, courage, focus, independence, perseverance and resilience.

Year 1 were provided with a range of tasks to represent the qualities of a successful learner. Their favourite task was the perseverance pebbles, where they were challenged to build a tower by balancing pebbles on top of one another. It wasn’t easy and many of the towers fell down.  Through this, activity, the children discovered that a successful learner needs to ‘keep on going,’ even if things don’t work out at first. The comments that the children made showcased how their learning habits were developing.  

“It fell down. Never mind, I’ll have another go.” Jude

“I’m going to try it a different way.” Ada

“Sometimes things don’t go the way you want them to.” Poppy

“You can’t give up.” Phoneix

“We worked together as a team” Elki and Khali