Immersive English - The Tiger who Came to Tea

Year 1 learnt the classic children’s story “The Tiger who came to Tea” in English, which is part of their reading spine.

Afterwards they experienced “The Tiger who came to Talbot”, Year One went to the outdoor learning area; they were very surprised when, all of a sudden, a “big, furry, stripy tiger” came and knocked on the school gate.

The Tiger said she was very hungry and came into the shared area and searched for food. She looked every where and made a big mess; the children were excited and chased the Tiger around. Suddenly, the Tiger noticed Mrs Glosek’s cup of tea and drank it all up. Then the Tiger noticed Mrs Coady’s dinner and ate it up. The Tiger then said, “Thank you for my nice tea” and she left. Mrs Coady and Mrs Glosek were sad, as the tiger had drank all their tea and eaten all their dinner.

The teachers chased after the Tiger and asked her to come back, so the children could ask her some questions. The children asked learnt many facts about Tigers by questioning the tiger carefully. They learnt the Tiger was walking through Gledhow Valley woods, when she smelt a lovely smell of dinner and came to investigate. She then climbed up the tree and jumped over the fence to get into Talbot Primary school. The children were deeply impressed.

These immersive and exciting events are used to enthuse the children and hook them into new topics. It prepares them well for the work they will do later in reading and writing.