Design Technology - making fruit Kebab (food strand)

As part of the Year 1 curriculum, the children looked at where fruit comes from and how it arrives in our shops. They learnt that fruits are grown on trees, others on plants, like bushes.

The classes watched a video that showed how a considerable amount of the fruit they eat is harvested using machines. They also learnt that fruit is processed in factories, before being sold to supermarkets. The children also learnt that some fruits are not fruits at all; for example, the banana is technically a herb.

After writing instructions on how to make a fruit kebab, in English, Year 1 made their own fruit kebabs, using some of the fruits they had learnt about previously. First, they tasted the fruit, to see which ones they liked and which they didn’t. Personal preferences played a significant role in this, as different fruits were sweet, juicy, sour, crunchy or soggy.

Year 1 designed their own fruit kebab, thinking about the pattern, flavour and texture of the kebabs. Next, the children learnt how to use a knife safely, and cut the fruits carefully on a chopping board. To assemble their creations, the children also had to push the fruit onto a skewer, which was not as easy as it looked.

Finally, Year 1 were able to eat their work and consider how successful they were though an evaluation.