International Day of Languages – celebrating the diversity in school

In the Autumn term, Talbot had a day to celebrate “International Day of Languages.”

In our Year 3 cohort, the children speak many different languages, and a number of children enjoyed teaching the rest of the classes some words from their home languages, allowing them to share some of their knowledge about their own cultures.

This year, many children in 3CW dressed-up in the colours of the Ukrainian flag, and many children in 3KM dressed-up in the colours of the German flag. The classes had a chance to learn some simple words and phrases in Ukrainian and German, and the children had a go at saying them during registration that morning and afternoon.

In Maths, Year 3 learnt the numbers to 5 in these two languages. It was tricky learning something new, but they persevered and didn’t give up. We hope that some of the children still remember some of these in the future.

The day is important in a diverse school like Talbot, in a diverse city like Leeds, as it helps children recognise the different cultures that make the school and city they live in so interesting. Sometimes, it also ignites an interest in learning languages more generally, like French which the children learn throughout Key Stage 2.