Herd Farm trip – Outdoor Adventurous Activity in PE

In the autumn term, Year 3 had a fantastic trip to Herd Farm, North Leeds. The children could hardly contain their excitement when the day came, as they were so eager to explore the activity centre and try new activities. Throughout the day, they completed 5 different outdoor, adventurous activities:

  • On the Assault Course, they tested their strength, coordination and balance as they made their way around some tricky obstacles.
  • In Archery, they tested their hand-eye coordination and tried to hit the bullseye (or even just the target!)
  • In Nightline, they had to work as a team to complete a blindfolded course through the woods.
  • In Bushcraft, they practised their survival skills; they learnt how to make a campfire fire by putting layers of sticks in a ‘hashtag’ shape and then made smaller fires using flints and steels. One of the highlights of the day was toasting marshmallows on the fire.
  • On the zipwire, they pushed themselves out of their comfort zones and showed their bravery, as they went soaring down the hill at great speed.

As Year 3 returned to the coach, there were lots of happy faces and declarations of it being “the best trip ever!”