Fundamental British values - voting for our School Councillors

As we begin a new school year, one of the most important jobs is to elect the new school councillors. 

The job of a school councillor is a varied one and includes listening to the opinions of their classmates, sharing the views of their class at school council meetings, debating suggestions with other school council representatives during the meetings and generally making sure that the children are well represented in school, by having their voices heard. 

This year, there will be a significant focus on how we can be more environmentally friendly; many children had a very keen interest in this and want to look at reducing our impact on the environment by promoting sustainability.

Many children put themselves forward to be the Year 5 school councillors this year and prepared speeches and/or presentations, which they confidently shared with their classmates. Each class then held an election for whom they thought would best represent them, helping the children understand democracy in action in a practical manner.

The votes were very close, but the school councillors who were elected for this academic year were Olla and Faateh for 5JS and Hukam and Emelia for 5PM.  Everyone looks forward to seeing how they will help shape the work of the school council.