Celebrating diversity and culture: International Day of Languages

Year 5 celebrated the International Day of Languages, on Friday 29th September, as part of a whole school celebration. The children dressed up in traditional dress, national dress or represented the allotted country of their class by wearing the colours of their national flag.

This year, 5PM represented Afghanistan, where Farsi is the predominant language. 5JS represented Egypt, where Arabic is widely spoken. Everyone made a significant effort to make the day enjoyable, and the outfits and enthusiasm were highly impressive.

As part of the celebrations, the children were introduced to their class country, learning about its location in the world, population size and some of the traditions that are followed. The classes also looked at images and videos showcasing the beauty of each country, whilst listening to stories told in Farsi and Arabic.

Families were invited to make voluntary donations on the day, and the collection was sent the British Red Cross, who provide essential support to people in crisis. Considering and supporting those who are less fortunate, or who are facing great danger from natural disasters, encourages the children to develop a sense of care and responsibility on a global scale. The kind donations are now being used to support essential emergency work across the world.