Be inspired - a visit from the world's tallest basketball player

Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed their visitor, Paul Sturgess. Paul is the tallest basketballer in the world and played for a number of teams in America, most famously the Harlem Globetrotters. The children were equally impressed when Paul revealed he had been in a number of well-known films including several Marvel films, the Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power series on Amazon and Fantastic Beasts.

Paul delivered an inspiring assembly, describing his life, career and how he has embraced his difference. Instead of feeling self-conscious, Paul viewed his height as a positive difference that could help him achieve several goals in life. Acceptance and positive self-image are both something that Paul is extremely proud of and passionate about, and the children were inspired.

Following the assembly, the children enjoyed a basketball session with Paul, taking part in a range of key drills and some impressive tricks. As basketball has the second highest participation rates for any sport in Britain, it was an excellent way to introduce this sport to children who may never have played it – perhaps some of them will take it up in the future.