Re-opening school

The Government and its scientific advisers have determined that it is safe to reopen schools for the following year groups from June 1st 2020: Nursery, Reception, Year One and Year Six. In accordance with guidance from the Local Authority, we will begin the gradual, phased re-opening of the school from this date, continuing with provision for critical key workers and vulnerable children and re-opening for Year Six.  

In assessing and managing our approach to re-opening, we have sought to maintain the safety of our pupils and staff. This will be paramount at all times and the organisation, restrictions and procedures in place will be subject to regular review. In establishing our phased re-opening plan we have conducted thorough risk assessments. This entails a review of risk against a number of criteria which include:

  • Building Management and readiness
  • Assessing staff and pupil numbers to assist in planning for opening
  • An update on pupil and staff details
  • Assessing activities/lessons which can take place
  • Sharing information with pupils, staff, parents/carers, visitors and contractors
  • Assessing the needs of clinically extremely vulnerable and vulnerable staff and pupils
  • Ensuring protocol is remains robust for any persons who already display Coronavirus symptoms or who may develop symptoms on site
  • Controlling access to the school site for staff, pupils and members of the public
  • Handwashing and hand hygiene
  • Cleaning
  • Social Distancing
  • First Aid
  • PPE requirements for staff and pupils
  • Pupil and staff wellbeing
  • Fire Safety
  • Supervision at lunchtime
  • Catering 

This list is not exhaustive, however is comprehensive and thorough in its nature.  The outcomes and implications have been summarised in the policy below.

As a school, we appreciate that there are many aspects to consider in the re-opening, which is why we have devised a re-opening policy which aims to support and guide staff and you as parents in the coming weeks. This also includes our approach and awareness of supporting children with the social and emotional impact of the school closure and lockdown.

The school approach is in alignment with the advice and position of the Local Authority.  This is summarised in Sal Tariq’s (Director, Children and Families) letter to all parents, published on Wednesday 20th May.  In this letter he states that:

‘I’m sure you understand that school leaders have a significant range of factors to take into account when deciding if they can safely increase the number of children returning to school. In Leeds, we have asked head teachers to look at the situation in their own school and decide what is safe for your child.’

He goes on to say that:

‘I am writing to ask you to be respectful of the decision made by the head teacher of your child’s school, in the knowledge that their decision has been made with the safety of all children and staff at its heart. Schools will continue to look at whether more children can be welcomed back as the weeks go on and will communicate this to you if that is the case.’

Please know that our approach will continue to be cautious and stepped in nature.  This will begin with continuing provision for the children of critical workers from Monday 1st June and Year Six from Tuesday 2nd June.  The following documents are accessible below to support your understanding and any additional questions you may have.  Please do not hesitate to contact the address if you have a specific query.


The curriculum will ensure we spend time on supporting the children back to school, through a thorough programme of Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE), including mental well-being, in addition to an academic curriculum that works in tandem with the home learning package available for all children. If you would like to see an overview of the PSHE curriculum, please click here.  

Temporary Timetable:

The school day has been adjusted, including start and finish times, to help stagger the number of people arriving and departing at once. Click here for details.


Classroom Re-organisation:

Classes will look very different when children return to school to support 2m social distancing, regular surface cleaning and weekly deep cleaning. Pupils will also use individual equipment for lessons.