How is funding spent?


We respond to ad-hoc school requests according to need and funds available. We have also visited the School Council to capture their requests, ideas and opinions. We are committed to supporting annual requirements e.g. bookbags for all new starters, leavers’ party/event and class and school club cash gifts.

In recent years, we have financed school i-pads, play equipment (e.g. the pirate ship), theatre productions, exterior table tennis table, goalposts, shelters, secure scooter parks and even a defibrillator and a class fish! 

We have a certain number of insurances and licenses that must be paid annually, and we try to keep a small amount of cash in the bank for emergencies/cash flow purposes.

In 2017, we pledged to support the school in the redesign, refurbishment, restock and redecoration of the two school libraries that were both opened in 2018. We are particularly proud of this achievement as a huge amount of money was raised by different teams over several years. In 2019/20, we are now focusing our efforts on raising extra funds to support the school’s playgrounds improvement programme.  As a group we collaborate closely with the school's leadership team to ensure that money is spent on resources which lead to immediate benefit for all children.  Recent projects on new playground and artificial grass works in the Nursery outdoor area and across the playgrounds has meant the much appreciated additional funding successfully impacts on the physical presentation of the school and its place in the community.