Harmony Project



An enthusiastic group of 14, year 4 children took part in an exciting trip on Monday the 25th of March to Raynville Primary School in Bramley. 

They met up with a group of Raynville year 4 pupils and immediately started to get to know each other with a game of ask 20 questions.  

Following on from this, they took part in an invigorating game of orienteering - where the children ran around the vast school grounds in small mixed groups, looking for objects from the clues given. 

After lunch and experiencing the all-weather football pitch and running track, the children took part in a team-building game of building the highest tower with drinking straws.  

All in all, the children had a very busy, exciting day making new friends. It was a valuable experience to meet pupils from a different community within Leeds, as it helps build trust band understanding between people. 

By Mrs Russell