Outdoor and adventurous PE

This half term, our PE topic has been ‘Outdoors and Adventurous’. In our lessons, we have been developing our team work skills  to complete challenges such as:

  • Stepping Stones – getting our team from one end of the school field to another, using “stepping stones”. We had to plan carefully and communicate clearly to be successful.
  • Hula hoop challenge – passing a hula hoop around the circle without letting go of hands. This took a few attempts but we were soon experts!
  • Orienteering circuits – each team chose their 5 favourite circuit exercises and marked where to do them on a map of the school. First we completed our own circuits, then we swapped our maps and completed other teams’ circuits.

Since 3KM are so full of energy and such a good team, we really enjoyed this PE topic.

By Miss Marsden