The Twits

In year 2, we have begun our English lessons by looking at one of the most famous children’s authors of all time- Roald Dahl! We decided to start by reading one of my favourite stories, The Twits.

The children have been learning about adjectives to add description to their writing, so we decided to Make pictures of the Twits and use them to help us write descriptions using lots of powerful adjectives. We then learned how to use conjunctions to stretch put our sentences and add more detail about the Twits horrible personalities.

Here are some brilliant examples of descriptions that the children wrote:

“In his revolting, ugly beard he has lots of food so that he can eat something when he is hungry.”

“When I saw Mr Twit I fainted because he is so revolting!”

“Mr Twit has smelly, yellow teeth that he has never washed.”


By Miss Coady