Great Fire of London

On Thursday 1st October, Year Two had an amazing launch of their Connected Curriculum topic. Sir William Petty himself visited Talbot Primary School! He told us all about The Great Fire of London. We learnt that the Great Fire started in Pudding Lane, in a bakery run by Thomas Farriner.


We became houses so we could learn how and why the fire spread so quickly and then we joined in an experiment and found out that the fire could have been put out quicker if people had passed buckets of water from person to person.


At the end of our time with Sir William, he asked if we wanted to know a scary fact! He told us about a skeleton and how people paid to pull its beard! Before he left, Sir William asked us to work together to design a new London, where we made sure each section of the map had houses made from brick or stone that were spaced apart. We also included a park, a pond, a statue and a coffee shop in each section of London.


By Mrs Liddington, Mrs Mitchell and Miss Coady